C# Programing


Inam Khan, Ubaid Ullah


Morning, Afternoon


2 Months


PKR 12000/- Total



Brief introduction

C# is a programming language developed by Microsoft to compete with Sun's Java language. Its includes object oriented programming language features with XML-based Web services on the .NET platform. In this course, student will develop powerful C# programs and understand the fundamentals to advance levels with professional projects.

C# Introduction

  • C# Console Application
  • Writing & Run your C# Programmes
  • C# Windows Form
  • Adding Controls to a Form
  • Properties of a Control
  • Adding Code to a Button
  • C# Message Boxes

C# .NET: Overview for the Sophisticated Programmer

  • String Variables & Assign Values in C#. NET
  • Concatenation, Comments in C#4.
  • Data Types
  • Addition in C# .NET
  • Adding and Subtraction with float Variables
  • Operator Precedence
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Getting Numbers from Text Boxes
  • 15. A C# .NET Calculator - Design & Code

C# .NET: Conditional Logic & Loops

  • IF Statements
  • Else ... If
  • Switch Statements
  • C# Operators
  • C# and For Loops
  • Loop Start and End Values
  • A Times Table Program
  • Do loops and While Loops
  • Checking for Blank Textboxes in C#

C# .NET: Add Menus to your Forms

  • Add Menus to Windows Forms in C#
  • Sub Menus
  • Menu Shortcuts
  • Code for your Quit Menu
  • The Edit Menu
  • Copy and Paste in C# .NET
  • The View Menu
  • Adding Images in C# .NET
  • Open File Dialogue Box in C#
  • Open a Text File
  • The Save As Dialogue Box
  • CheckBoxes and Radio Buttons

C# .NET: Debugging your Applications

  • Errors at Design Time
  • Run Time Errors
  • Logic Errors
  • Breakpoints
  • The Locals Window
  • Try ..Catch Statements in C# .NET

C# .NET: Methods

  • Understanding C# .NET Methods
  • Passing values to your C# Methods
  • Getting values back from C# Methods

C# .NET: Understanding Arrays

  • Arrays in C# .NET
  • Arrays and Loops
  • Arrays at RunTime
  • Multi Dimensional Arrays in C# .NET
  • Arrays and Text
  • C# Collections - Lists
  • C# Collections - HashTables
  • C# Collections - Enumerations

C# .NET: String Manipulation

  • C# String Variables
  • Trim Unwanted Characters
  • The Contains Method
  • The IndexOf Method
  • The Insert Method
  • PadLeft and PadRight
  • Remove and Replace in C# .NET
  • C# Substring
  • Split and Join in C#
  • A C# .NET Hangman Game

C# .NET: Events

  • The Click Event
  • The MouseDown Event
  • KeyDown
  • The Leave Event
  • C# ListBox and ComboBox Events
  • C# Custom Web Browser
  • The TreeView Control
  • Adding Nodes to a TreeView
  • Add a WebBrowser to a C# Windows Form

C# .NET: Classes and Objects

  • Classes and Objects in C# .NET
  • A First Class
  • Create Objects from your C# Classes
  • Passing values to your Classes
  • Adding Properties to your C# Classes
  • Using Class Properties
  • Class Constructors in C# .NET
  • Inheritance in C# .NET
  • C# Method Overloading
  • C# Static Methods

C# .NET: Manipulating Files

  • How to open a Text File
  • Read a file line by line in C# .NET
  • Write to a Text File
  • How to Copy, Move and Delete a File

C# .NET: Databases

  • SQL Server Express and C# .NET
  • Create a SQL Server Express Database
  • Create a SQL Server Database Table
  • Create a Database Project in C#
  • Create a Database Class
  • Display Data from the Database
  • Database Navigation Buttons
  • Add, Update, Delete a Record
  • Finding Records in a DataSet

C# .NET - SQL Server Databases: two tables

  • Create a Sql Server Database in Visual Studio
  • Create the first table
  • Create a second table
  • Adding data to the two tables
  • SQL queries, Joins, Stored Procedures
  • SQL Parameters
  • Creating a User Form with a DataGrid
  • Coding for a simple Stored Procedure
  • Search a database using a Stored Procedure
  • Update a database with a Stored Procedure
  • Write code for the update

C# .NET: Multiple Forms

  • Creating Multiple Forms
  • Modal Forms in C# .NET
  • Getting at the values on other Forms

C# .NET: Dates and Times

  • Dates and Times in C# .NET